School Meals

Free School Meals

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals please apply through the Local Authority following this link:

Meals, Snack and Drinks

● Warm bagels are sent to classrooms, every morning as part of our “Magic Breakfast” provision.

● Healthy snacks are provided every-day e.g. fruit, veg, bread, bagels.

● Milk is provided free for children up until their 5th Forms to apply for free milk after they turn 5 in the Summer term welcome pack. Parents/carers can pay for milk.

● Water bottles are provided for every child by the school.

● Currently – all Reception & KS1 children are entitled to receive free school dinners – please fill in form in welcome pack and return to school. (If your child is entitled to free school meals please fill in a form so that the school receives the £1350 Pupil Premium money)

● Children may choose to have a school dinner every-day or you can pick and choose when you want them to have a school dinner or bring a lunchbox.

● Fruit and salad bar for children to add to their school dinner available each day.

● School dinners are paid through ParentPay an online account or you can pay at the Co-Op shop.

● We ask that if you provide a lunchbox meal for your child that it forms the “Healthy Plate”; no fizzy drinks, chocolate bars or sweets please. Biscuits such as Kit-Kats or Penguins are permitted as part of a healthy, balanced packed lunch.