The Early Years Foundation Stage is an important time in a child’s development and forms the basis for a child’s on-going learning and growth.

At Hester’s Way Primary School, we like to build strong, professional relationships with pupils, parents and carers, so that the children’s needs and different starting points are considered and nurtured, to ensure that they make the best progress.

Children develop quickly during the EYFS from birth to five years; at their own rates and in their own ways. Provision in the Foundation Stage enables children to develop their personalities, talents and abilities, as well as their learning. The EYFS Guidelines, on this page, provide an overview of the intent, implementation and impact, during Reception Class.

For new pupils and their families, the “Transition and Virtual Tour” shares information about the teaching staff and environment, so that your child and you can familiarise yourselves with school.

At the moment, due to Covid Risk Assessments, we are not inviting parents and new pupils into school. We will however, be doing everything we can, to ensure that you have the information that you need and talk to you about your child before they start school. All induction paperwork and details will be shared via email or can be collected from the school office, when you are contacted.

If you have any queries about “Starting in Reception Class” or the EYFS Curriculum, please contact the Reception teachers by emailing: or call the school office on 01242 525616.

Please find on this page details about what your child will be learning during this vital year at school.