Values, Mission, Vision


At Hester’s Way Primary School, we:


• encourage pupils to aspire and aim high.

• believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities to succeed.

• work in a happy, safe and caring learning environment.

• achieve our aspirational goals and targets.


We want our pupils to be healthy, positive and caring individuals, who are confident and independent, as they successfully move through life’s milestones.

Our behaviour expectations to… “Be Ready”, “Be Safe” and “Be Respectful”, teach our pupils to be productive and fulfilled citizens, in the local and global community.

As a school, we aim to be inclusive and promote equality in all that we do, in our education and pastoral care.

We strive for our pupils to develop a love of learning, achieve national expectations, or the best outcomes from their starting points.

Our pupils understand how we learn, develop and grow as essential parts of school life and being a successful learner.

We aim to work alongside parents, carers, external agencies and the local community to provide a “family” approach to our work.


We will have…..

Perseverance, Confidence, Resilience, Determination, Pride and Independence.