Recovery Curriculum Intent

Our Recovery Curriculum Intent is planned from the evaluation and assessment of teaching and learning, following the initial Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in March 2020. As well as, other impacting factors that the pupils and their families have endured during this period.


In the Summer term of 2020, we continued our theme-based curriculum plan and delivered the learning opportunities in packs with stationary, resources and differentiated work. As a school we worked to address digital poverty and we were very aware that our pupils had different experiences of learning at home, whilst some remained in school, in key worker/vulnerable groups, and that children would return to school with new starting points.

Curriculum Leads worked with teachers to identify what had been taught from the 2019-20 curriculum and what is needed to carry over into the next academic year for teaching or consolidation. These subject curriculum overviews are regularly updated by Curriculum Leads, to ensure that coverage is in place, and if not how to address this through adapting timetables or having subject weeks to focus on specific areas of learning.


Knowledge Organisers were designed by Curriculum Leads, to ensure that there was progression across year groups. Prior learning, knowledge and vocabulary are shared from curriculum expectations.


The Recovery Curriculum Intent overview initially began in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, as the importance of knowledge, skills and understanding in subjects became vital, for human survival, creativity, well-being and evolution.


The well-being and attitudes of our pupils were and remain our main priority, and as such we carefully planned how to address the “catch up” of the curriculum, after focussing on PSHE, health and sports. Many of our pupils had spent lock down in flats and confined spaces with larger families. Outdoor activities, forest school and re-building pupil’s stamina and routines became a priority before the children could start to academically learn again.


The school timetable, is fast paced and intense, so for children returning to school, following varied experiences, the senior leadership team in collaboration with teaching staff, adapted the curriculum timetable. This was to prevent learning overload and cause panic and stress, which would have a negative impact on re-engaging pupils at school.  The timetable is adjusted termly, to enable full use of resources across the school and focus in on specific areas of need from coverage, evaluation and assessment.


Example of timetable. N.B. Year 6 have weekly session with the Personal Development CL.

The DfE provided laptops in February of 2021 and we benefitted from donations from the Earnest Cook Trust and Gloucestershire Society, to purchase devices to support remote learning, in National Lockdown 3. This made a huge difference to our remote learning. Please see the Home Learning page for our offer and the Home page has our parent feedback, under Parent View.


The government funded our “Catch Up” strategy, which can be found on the statutory website page.


Senior and Curriculum Leaders continue to evaluate and make improvements where needed so that our pupils can maximise their learning and become happy, successful achievers.